A sneak peak from my little photo shoot today. 

Rainy day at Foxfields

A selection of my favorite MoMA interactive sites:


Henri Cartier-Bresson — The Modern Century

counter space — design + the modern kitchen

Joan Miró — Painting and Anti-Painting | 1927-1937

Carlito Carvalhosa — Sum of Days

Color Chart

Gabriel Orozco

Picasso — Themes and Variations

Sally Mann, Self-Portrait

Famous Photographers’ Self-Portraits in Mirrors

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Tasveer Online | Pradip Malde | portraits Interview with my most favorite photographer (professor, mentor, friend), Pradip Malde, on the amazing portraits from his collection of photographs, “Prayer & Despair.”

India, November, 1995. It is midweek, and there are priests, pilgrims and worshippers milling around us. Religion does not abide by the seven day cycle here. My parents are unusually quiet as we stand amid the bustle, gazing out at a tiered stretch of river. Damodarkund. They explain that this is where the ashes of my ancestors have been released over the centuries, into the still waters, along with flowers, prayers, tears, memories. Like smoke. I feel a lightness, something lifting. This is where I came from, this is where I am going. My hand is in the water, a conduit  and a key…

…Acceptance of anything can bring despair, and anything unbearable can inspire prayer. Kneeling down on the river bank, my hand in the clear water, I felt both.


Shiva, Jodhpur.

India, 1995. platinum-palladium print. 8x10 inches

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Blind Spot Series 03: Uta Barth’s to draw with light. 
This publication includes work from the photographer’s series …and to draw a bright white line with light along with images from Compositions of Light on White, and a new series being created for the publication of this book.

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Keeping in mind the work of Masao Yamamoto as I see Spring unfolding.

“I dared to associate the word ‘tender’ with ‘melancholy’ rather than the word ‘suffocating’; this is what Yamamoto’s photos reveal to me - a tender melancholy.”

- ARPAÏS du bois

(via Kawa = Flow #1590, 2010 - Masao Yamamoto - Artists - Jackson Fine Art - Photography - Atlanta)

First of Spring